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Kim E Fishman

Audiologist, Owner, and CEO

Kim has a passion for Helping people. She loves visiting over a cup of coffee and a treat so what better to do then help people communicate and enjoy a fun conversation?


Rick H Nelson

Billing Specialist

Rick has a serious eye for detail and you will often find him dealing with insurance fiscals. He prefers to be out fishing!


Malia K Lakatos

Audiology Technician

Malia has a love for good and healthy food and keeps everyone healthy and happy! What is not to like about Malia!


Karen M Markert

Blogger and Front Desk Support

Karen is a natural caregiver and kind to all. In her resting moments, she is an avid reader and is a wonderful writer.

Hears to U, Audiology has a shop called Hears Hearing & Hearables online created to help support our clients and to create a community in Minnesota dedicated to hearing wellness.


We also believe we go above and beyond Best Practices to make sure you are Hearing and Happy!  We love Happy, hearing people.

For example, We are aware of the difficulty in finding a solution;  Many people report that they hear speech as muffled and don’t hear jokes, missing the clarity of music and they don’t do anything about it.  They are afraid of spending unnecessary money, looking old and they don’t know where to go.

Here in Hopkins, MN the west metro of the Twin Cities, we help people find their solution with a sound that they love and a product they can afford.   When that happens, it brightens their world, gives them more youthful hearing and we have a friend forever!  Cheers to that!

Our Hearing Clinic is a community-focused private audiology practice now in Hopkins, Minnesota, owned and operated by  Kim Fishman, a licensed audiologist. Kim’s multifaceted approach to hearing health care involves not only a medical component in diagnosing and monitoring hearing loss, and the health of the outer and middle ear but also rehabilitative components of living with a hearing loss. Such therapies include dispensing hearing aids and assistive devices, social and aural therapy as well as auditory processing therapy, noise protection, and prevention of further hearing loss. From the warm atmosphere of her coffeehouse-style clinic, Kim and her team can provide the ultimate hearing healthcare experience.

Dealing with hearing loss is a challenge, but getting hearing help with Kim E. Fishman has become easy as we have a great model to get you hearing and within your needs, budget, and loss.  We are passionate about helping others and educating on hearing health care and hearing better.  It is better on the other side with hearing!  Hearing loss does matter!  Get your hearing needs to be met today!

All the products we recommend are also in our Hears Hearing & Hearables store and have been chosen with care, for the general use of our patients. None of the products listed would harm your hearing if they are used properly. If there is a product that you want and it is not on our list, please let us know. We will share our thoughts about that product as well as pricing. We want our products to be the best option available for our patients that will not hurt their ears, their hearing, or their pocketbook.

Our store is membership-based so that we can try and get competitive pricing like other warehouses, except we are only about hearing health care and services. We are dedicated to the hearing profession and to helping our community strive toward wellness and specifically hearing wellness. You do not have to be a member to shop at the store, but there are discounts and others perks for those who wish to join us.

We are also building an online help provider network . Telehealth and teleaudiology are becoming a movement. Even after the pandemic, there will still be many people who would prefer to “see” their healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes.   Here professionals and customer service people will be able to help point you to the right product for your needs.

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Mission Statement:

Mission: We serve our community by providing excellent, accessible, affordable hearing healthcare and hearing healthcare products. We pride ourselves on transparency and service. We are even more proud to report that we are a membership-based online store.

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