Hearing Assessment

Assessing what you need isn't just about giving you a product but finding a solution. Before we can find a solution, we need to assess where you are at. We like to offer telehealth appointments for our initial consult.

Your first appointment with us includes an intake of your hearing health history.

Next, we usually evaluate the status of your hearing abilities with an Otoscopic exam and a standard diagnostic hearing test.  Other tests we may or may not do are speech in noise quick sin test, tympanometry, and some loudness-type measures.  These other tests are not billed to insurance.  We will talk to you about the costs of services before we do add-on testing.

This next appointment is the most fun as it is our goal to make this seamless and help you figure out what you are needing and what your next steps could be!

In General, a thorough history of your ear health and hearing needs.  This includes any difficulties you may be having with tinnitus, vertigo, hearing, balance, or anything else about your ear health.  This also includes but is not limited to a hearing test, diagnostic test, or hearing screening, and an otoscopic exam. After we go through your history and complete the needed hearing aid exam, we will go over the results with you.

If you are having difficulty hearing then we provide a demo hearing aid that you can take for a week.  There is a small fee that can go towards the service if you purchase a service package from us. We chose a demo together that makes sense for what you need and what you can afford.

These appointments usually take 60 to 90 minutes all totaled and do depend on you and your needs.

There is usually a follow-up to these initial appointments to go over more details which consist of your thoughts and desires, and solutions for your needs whether it be therapy or a product.

There is a lot of technology available today and we are happy to talk to you about which product/solution is best for your needs. Technology is always changing and we do our best to stay on top and keep up with it.


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