The Ultimate Buying Guide to Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton Hearing aids

Finding the right hearing aid can be a game-changer for individuals with hearing impairments. Rexton, a brand renowned for its innovative hearing solutions, offers a range of devices designed to improve quality of life. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Rexton hearing aids.

With Rexton’s advanced technology, users experience improved hearing across different settings, access to direct audio streaming, and the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. These features provide a seamless auditory experience for the wearer. Finally, Rexton continues to push the boundaries with state-of-the-art hearing aids equipped with new technologies like the Reach R-LI T and BiCore R-Li.

This article is your comprehensive buying guide to Rexton hearing aids. Detailing cutting-edge technology, essential features, and accessories that support superior hearing. It emphasizes the importance of reliable hearing care and how Rexton caters to these needs with robust products and personalized assistance through its Assist App.

What are Rexton Hearing Aids?

Rexton hearing aids represent the epitome of sophisticated hearing technology tailored to accommodate a vast range of hearing loss needs. Renowned for their robust build and exceptional performance, Rexton devices are meticulously designed for the utmost comfort and resilience. Ensuring wearers can confidently engage in activities from professional to leisure environments. As a hearing care provider, I appreciate that their portfolio offers a wide variety of hearing aids. Championing outstanding speech clarity and user-oriented features.

Key features of Rexton hearing aids include:

  • Direct Streaming: Seamless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Background Noise Reduction: Advanced technology helps users focus on speech, diminishing unwanted noise.
  • Rexton Assist: Remote support for convenient adjustments.
  • R-liT Technology: Featured in the Rexton BiCore R-Li, this technology delivers a binaural hearing experience that closely resembles natural hearing.

Moreover, the company’s latest innovations like the Rexton BiCore R-Li demonstrate the commitment to providing exceptional hearing devices. They come with a quick 30-minute fast charging capability via a USB charging cable or contactless charging with the Travel Charger. Rexton, now under Sivantos as part of WSA Audiology, continues the legacy of manufacturing top-notch hearing care solutions. Akin to Signia’s esteemed product line.

Benefits of Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton hearing aids stand out for their remarkable ability to provide wearers with a consistent, high-quality hearing experience, irrespective of the conditions they find themselves in. Each model is crafted with due consideration to the everyday challenges and harsh environments one might encounter. Ensuring that these devices remain durable and dependable. Through a comprehensive selection process, audiologists and hearing care providers can match Rexton hearing aids to the nuanced needs of each individual. Resulting in a personalized, comfortable fit that is capable of withstanding daily wear and tear with ease.

The pioneering hearing solutions offered by Rexton leverage sophisticated technological advancements that substantially enhance speech clarity. By focusing on the naturalness of sound, Rexton hearing aids fend off the fatigue commonly associated with strained listening. Thereby affording users a more relaxed auditory experience. Notable features like direct audio streaming from iPhones and the exclusive My Voice function further elevate the user’s sensory engagement. Therefore, delivering an authentic sound experience that retains the uniqueness of the wearer’s voice.

From the smart and intuitive Rexton BiCore to the advanced M-Core platforms, Rexton hearing aids harness split processing capabilities that empower individuals to discern speech even amidst noisy backgrounds. These innovations epitomize the Rexton commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into hearing devices. Simplifying daily life for those with hearing loss.

Improved Hearing in Various Environments

Rexton hearing aids are adept at providing unparalleled speech understanding in a diversity of settings. This versatility is abundantly evident in the MyCore C8 technology. This technology allows for effortless streaming from iOS devices without sacrificing the intrinsic quality of natural sound. Moreover, MotionCore technology is included in the M-Core models. This intelligently adjusts to differing auditory situations with ease. Offering a nimble response to changing acoustic environments without the need for manual intervention.

The Rexton Hearing Aid App serves as an exceptional tool for users. Granting them the power to make bespoke adjustments to volume, sound balance, and personalized listening programs. Such autonomy allows wearers to sculpt the soundscape to their preference, catering to distinct listening contexts. Furthermore, the Rexton Assist feature, integrated within select models, enhances hearing aid performance through a collaborative network of solutions, learning and adapting to the user’s preferences over time.

Advances in microphone technology, as encapsulated in the new R-LI T aids which bear a resemblance to the sophisticated processing of Signia IX, provide a compelling argument for the benefits of Rexton hearing technology. This new iteration boasts a more refined processing capability, ensuring clarity and comfort even in the most challenging auditory scenarios.

Direct Streaming of Audio Content

As a professional audiologist, it is important to inform patients seeking to address their hearing loss with top-notch hearing care about the capabilities of their chosen hearing aid devices. Including the availability of features like direct streaming of audio content.

The Rexton M-Core iX is a versatile hearing device that caters to everyday challenges. While it can be customized using the Rexton hearing aid app available for both iPhone and Android users, it notably does not offer direct streaming of audio content. The app allows the user to adjust volume, sound balance, and directionality, and set personal programs, enhancing the daily life of the wearer without the need for a remote control.

For those in need of audio streaming, the Rexton BiCore Li Hearing Aids stand out. They are not only rechargeable via contactless charging but also capable of streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Ensuring users remain connected with their environment and personal devices seamlessly.

In summary, Rexton offers different models to cater to varied preferences and requirements. Emphasizing a commitment to providing reliable hearing solutions for those facing the trials presented by hearing loss.

Bluetooth-Enabled Devices for Seamless Connectivity

Rexton hearing aids prioritize seamless connectivity in today’s technologically driven world. Acknowledging the importance of being connected to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Individuals with hearing loss can experience crystal-clear audio streaming directly to their hearing aids. Enhancing their daily life by staying connected to their favorite devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Rexton Hearing Aids

ModeliOS StreamingAndroid StreamingConnectivity Accessory
Reach MFi (Made for iPhone)ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids)Not Required
BiCoreMFi (Made for iPhone)ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids)Not Required
M-Core (excluding iX CIC)MFi (Made for iPhone)Requires AccessorySmart Connect

For iOS users, the BiCore R-Li boasts direct streaming through MFi technology, ensuring a user-friendly experience for iPhone owners. Meanwhile, Android users benefit from the groundbreaking ASHA protocol, which is supported by Rexton BiCore hearing aids for direct audio streaming.

For other devices, Rexton’s M-Core range, except the CIC model, provides effortless iOS streaming. Android users can achieve similar integration through the use of Rexton’s Smart Connect accessories, which offer hands-free streaming capabilities. This accessory becomes the bridge for any compatible devices, ensuring that users with different hearing devices can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

In summary, Rexton hearing aids deliver top-notch hearing care with a focus on keeping you connected to your digital world. Regardless of the environment or device you are using.

Rexton’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Rexton has consistently led the vanguard in the hearing aid industry with a legacy of innovation that enriches the lives of individuals experiencing hearing loss. As pioneers, they introduced the groundbreaking Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid system in 1995. A technology that has revolutionized hearing devices and now accounts for over 80% of the U.S. market. This visionary approach paved the way for further advancements, particularly when Rexton launched the first waterproof and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. These developments not only challenged the status quo but established Rexton’s commitment to crafting robust and technologically advanced products.

Mirroring the technological prowess of its sister company, Signia, Rexton’s commitment to leading-edge functionality is evident in their devices. With the innovative MyCore C8 technology, Rexton hearing aids afford unparalleled convenience. Allowing users to stream audio effortlessly from their iPhones while ensuring the delivery of natural sound quality. Additionally, technologies like My Voice work to enhance the wearer’s own voice resulting in a more personal and natural hearing experience.

Moreover, Rexton’s commitment to improving speech recognition technology moves users toward a more effortless listening experience across diverse auditory landscapes. This is largely attributable to processing strategies that reduce background noise, and advanced features that focus on prioritizing speech. Rexton hearing aids are engineered to adapt in the hustle of city streets as well as the quiet of a library. Therefore providing wearers with the comfort and clarity needed to navigate the acoustic terrains of their everyday challenges.

Introduction to the New Rexton Hearing Aids: Reach R-LI T

Rexton continues to expand its portfolio with the latest addition, the Reach R-LI T. This new model exemplifies the shared expertise between Rexton and Signia, reflecting similarities to Signia’s revered IX line. Reach R-LI T takes the essence of what makes Rexton’s offerings so impactful—outstanding sound quality, intuitive features, and seamless connectivity—and enhances it with the most advanced technology available.

Embracing the latest advancements in hearing technology, the Reach R-Li T by Rexton is a state-of-the-art hearing aid that offers top-notch hearing care. Mirroring the technology found in the renowned Signia IX, the Reach R-Li T is poised to address the everyday challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss.

The Reach R-Li T harmoniously integrates with daily life thanks to its array of features designed for ease and comfort. Its premium capabilities include audio streaming and direct streaming with Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing an effortless audio experience. Users can indulge in clear conversations even amidst harsh environments as it adeptly manages background noise.

With the Rexton Assist application, the device offers a companion microphone system that functions as a remote microphone. Allowing remote control over the hearing aid settings. The Reach R-Li T is crafted to fit snugly in the ear canal, offering a discreet solution for hearing care.

A glance at the Reach R-Li T’s features:

  • Bluetooth-enabled streaming
  • Direct audio streaming
  • Control via Rexton Assist app
  • Effective background noise management
  • Ergonomic fit in the ear canal

Introduction to BiCore R-Li Technology

Embedded within Rexton’s innovative product lineup is the BiCore R-Li technology. This can be found in models like the BiCore R-Li/T and the B-Li RIC. These models come equipped with the Rexton Charging Station R / B, which allows for swift and efficient charging capabilities. 30 minutes to invigorate the device for an extensive period. Those opting for the upgraded Charging+ Station will find its utility extends beyond mere charging. It also features drying properties and utilizes UV light to sanitize the hearing aids. Therefore maintaining hygiene and performance.

Understanding the Innovative BiCore R-Li Technology

BiCore R-Li technology is a revolutionary advancement in hearing aid technology, incorporated in Rexton models such as the BiCore R-Li/T and the B-Li RIC. This cutting-edge technology facilitates a comprehensive hearing solution for individuals experiencing hearing loss, enhancing daily life with its exceptional features.

One of the pivotal components is the Charging Station R / B, which accompanies these models. It supports a 30-minute fast charging function, providing a rapid power boost. It also attains a full charge within a mere 4 hours. Operated with a fixed charging cable, this station is not only convenient but also efficient.

For those seeking additional functionalities, the Charging+ Station is an excellent upgrade. This option not only offers fast charging but also incorporates drying and sanitizing of the hearing aids with the use of UV light—ensuring top-notch hearing care and maintenance for your device.

For the active users and travelers, the Travel Charger presents itself as the ideal companion. Compatible with BiCore R-Li technology, it furnishes up to 3 full charges and doubles as a convenient carrying case. Enhanced with USB-C recharge capability, it ensures that your hearing aids remain operational, regardless of your whereabouts.

BiCore R-Li Charging Solutions:

Charging Station R / BCharging+ StationTravelcharger
30-minute fast chargingIncludes drying and UV sanitizingUp to 3 charges
4-hour full chargeFast charging featureUSB-C recharge capability
Fixed charging cableCompact carrying case design

Fast Charging Capabilities for Convenience

As hearing care providers, we understand the importance of being seamlessly connected to your world without interruption. The Rexton BiCore R-Li hearing aids foreground convenience with their advanced fast charging capabilities. Whether for direct streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices or enhancing daily life communication, these hearing devices ensure you’re equipped to handle the everyday challenges without concern for battery life.

The BiCore R-Li series boasts a remarkable 30-minute fast charging feature. For those with active lifestyles or demanding schedules, this innovation is a game-changer. Here’s a glance at how Rexton’s quick charge can support you through various activities:

Model30-min ChargeRuntime without StreamingRuntime with 100% Streaming
BiCore R-LiStandard6 hours4 hours
BiCore R-Li T (RIC)Tailored Charge9 hours5 hours

With 20% longer runtime due to efficient power consumption, the BiCore R-Li ensures top-notch hearing care paired with the convenience of rapid charging. This translates to less downtime and more engagement in harsh environments or while using companion microphones. Furthermore, Rexton’s commitment to innovation is evident in the BiCore R-Li’s contactless charging and the option of a Travel Charger, making it a truly agile companion for individuals with hearing loss.

Contactless Charging for Ease of Use

Contactless charging for ease of use is one of the innovative features available with Rexton hearing aids. Addressing the need for convenience and simplicity in the lives of individuals with hearing loss. This type of charging offers a hassle-free experience. Eliminating the need for direct plug-in connections that can sometimes be challenging for users.

The discrete and user-friendly stationary Charging Station exemplifies the ease of this system, with its features designed for seamless operation. By simply placing the hearing aids into the station, the contactless charging process begins. When charging commences, the hearing aids automatically turn off. When you pull the hearing aids out of the charger, the hearing aids turn right back on again. This method not only adds to the convenience but also prolongs the life of the hearing aids by minimizing wear and tear associated with manual handling.

In a nutshell:

  • Contactless charging offers ease of use, removing the need for cable connections.
  • Automatic on/off function reduces manual handling of hearing aids.
  • Stationary Charging Station keeps the process simple and efficient, with easy insertion/remission of aids.

Such thoughtfully designed charging options ensure that individuals can focus more on enjoying daily life with fewer interruptions from their hearing devices.

Features and Accessories of Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton hearing aids are not just instruments for amplifying sound; they constitute a comprehensive hearing system tailored to meet the varied needs of users confronting everyday challenges. Acknowledging the fact that hearing loss impairs more than just sound levels, Rexton offers a suite of features and accessories to enhance overall hearing experiences. Ensuring clarity and comfort in daily life.

One significant offering is the integration with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Enabling direct audio streaming of phone calls, music, and media directly into the hearing aids. Moreover, these hearing devices come equipped to combat background noise, allowing for clearer conversations in bustling environments. A notable accessory to complement this feature is the remote control. Offering users the discretion and convenience of adjusting their hearing aid settings on the fly.

In addition, the Travel Charger minimizes the concern of running out of power, especially for the active or traveling user. With a fast charging capability – 30 minutes for a quick boost – it ensures that your hearing devices are always ready to navigate the auditory demands of daily life. Furthermore, the USB charging cable and the option for contactless charging through the Charging Station exemplify Rexton’s commitment to user-friendly design.

To sum up the key offerings:

  • Direct audio streaming to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices seamlessly
  • Background noise management for enhanced speech clarity
  • Remote control for covert and easy adjustments
  • Travel Charger and USB charging cable for power on the go
  • Contactless charging for convenience and durability

Rexton invests in transforming hearing into an effortless blend of technological innovation and practical utility. Assuring that their hearing aids not only amplify sound but also enhance the quality of life.

Importance of Top-Notch Hearing Care

Access to top-notch hearing care is paramount for those experiencing hearing loss, as it significantly contributes to one’s quality of life. High-quality hearing care begins with a comprehensive assessment by a Hearing Care Professional, ensuring that individual needs are met with precision. With the right hearing aid—a cornerstone of exceptional hearing care—users can overcome everyday challenges in daily life that are exacerbated by auditory impairments.

Moreover, the impact of expertly fitted and programmed hearing aids, such as Rexton hearing aids, is profound. These devices, tailored during the fitting process, vastly improve communication in various environments by reducing background noise and enhancing speech understanding. Advancements in hearing technology, such as direct streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices, facilitate seamless audio streaming, while features like remote control accessibility contribute to a user-friendly experience.

The adoption of innovative solutions, including companion microphones and Rexton Assist, offers users additional support in harsh environments, affording them a sense of autonomy and confidence. Therefore, investing in top-notch hearing care, accompanied by advanced hearing devices, is essential for navigating the complexities of hearing loss while maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Companion and Remote Microphones for Enhanced Clarity

In daily life, particularly for individuals with hearing loss, the ability to communicate clearly in various scenarios is paramount. Rexton hearing aids address this need through the innovation of companion and remote microphones that enhance auditory clarity, especially in challenging environments with background noise. It directly streams the speaker’s voice to the hearing aid, significantly reducing background noise and making it easier to focus on the conversation.

Similarly, a remote microphone functions to deliver clear audio from a distance, perfect for situations like lectures or presentations. It can be placed near the audio source or worn by the speaker, allowing the user to hear as if they were up close.

Both of these solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled Rexton hearing aids, allowing for direct streaming of audio with crystal-clear quality. These accessories contribute to an improved hearing experience and can be managed easily through the Rexton Assist app or a dedicated remote control, offering greater comfort and confidence in social situations for those facing everyday challenges with hearing loss.

Robust Components for Durability in Harsh Environments

Rexton designs their hearing aids to withstand the rigors of daily life, including exposure to harsh environments. These robust devices feature components that are rigorously tested for durability, ensuring reliable performance for individuals with hearing loss, regardless of the conditions they encounter.

Durability Features of Rexton Hearing Aids:

  • Water and Moisture Proof Ratings: Rexton hearing aids are rated for resistance against water and moisture, which means that activities such as sweating, exposure to rain, or accidental splashes do not compromise the integrity of the hearing device.
  • Resistant to Dust and Debris: The construction of Rexton hearing aids prevents dust and debris from entering the device, protecting the sensitive internal components and maintaining optimal functionality.
  • Shock Absorption: Engineered with materials designed to absorb shock, Rexton’s hearing aids minimize the impact of drops or jolts, reducing the risk of damage from physical impacts.


Rexton hearing aids are designed with the user’s lifestyle in mind, incorporating features that protect against the elements. This ensures that wearers can confidently engage with their everyday challenges without the worry that their hearing aid will be compromised by harsh environments. A Rextson hearing care provider can offer advice and support on selecting the appropriate device with the necessary robust features for your specific needs.

Rexton Assist App: Personalized Hearing Assistance at Your Fingertips

Living with hearing loss often involves everyday challenges that can affect the quality of daily life. With the advancement in hearing aid technology, the Rexton Assist app emerges as a game-changer, providing personalized assistance to users of Rexton hearing aids.

Key Features of Rexton Assist:

  • AI-Driven: Harnesses artificial intelligence to adapt to the user’s preferences and environments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplified navigation tailored for individuals with hearing loss.
  • Tailored Sound Profiles: Create and manage sound settings for optimal hearing in diverse situations.
  • Troubleshooting Guidance: Offers instant support for common hearing aid issues.

How Rexton Assist Enhances Your Experience:

  1. Provides remote control capabilities for your Rexton hearing device.
  2. Enables direct contact with your Hearing Care Professional for top-notch care.
  3. Offers advice and tips for managing your device in harsh environments.
  4. Supports the use of companion accessories like remote microphone for better clarity in noise.

Leverage the cutting-edge functionalities of the Rexton Assist app to make the most of your Rexton BiCore hearing aids and navigate through life with confidence and ease.